About Us

How we Started

zacfoo consulting was established in 2022 by Zach Stafford after spending several years working in the Salesforce ecosystem. Zach had several amazing experiences, and a couple not-so-good ones, working with consultants and colleagues on projects over the years. He learned that when projects aren’t managed well, the negative impact on a business organization is felt pretty strong.

Zach has unique perspective, having had over 15 years as a Sales AE and manager. He sees how a well-designed and implemented software “stack” can have a huge influence on the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization, both at the rep level and throughout the management team. And that leads to more revenue!

With the encouragement of his peers and colleagues in the Revenue Operations community, he decided to open his own consultancy shop.

We’re so glad you’ve stopped by, and read this far. Please reach out if you’d like to get more information about working with us!

What the heck is up with that business name?

Let me tell you a story about painting a barn: