I am zacfoo.

A man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.

The Rundown

My name is Zach Stafford. Many people, men especially, identify themselves with what they do for a living. I try not to. Don’t get me wrong, though. I love what I do. I just don’t derive my identity from it.

So, who am I?

First, I am Father’s son. He loves me very much. I am a companion of Holy Spirit. I am brother to Jesus. Second, I am husband to Stephanie and Dada to Evangeline. I am a family man and love it. Third, I live in Greenville, SC. I love where I live. The climate is perfect. The people are very congenial. Business is lively and entrepreneurial. There are plenty of things to do: restaurants, theatre, cigar shops, etc.

Of other importance: I am a gamer. Love some Halo. Battlefield 3 rules! Getting into Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I am Libertarian in politics. I support Ron Paul for President. I believe that we are in a serious crisis: politically, economically, and spiritually. I used to be nearly depressed about this. But I realized that a new government has been established. Its twin pillars are Justice and Righteousness. This government is carried by Jesus and it is forever. This helped a lot. But I still talk politics. You can learn a lot about people by paying attention to politics. I love my church. We are City Church. I like technology. I love my iPhone. I like entrepreneurism. I love creating companies. Fortress PMG. Keys 2 the City. I love building websites. I did this one. And can do yours too.

That’s the rundown. Thanks. Enjoy the site.

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We make websites!

Here at zacfoo.com, we not only build and maintain our website. We also help design and develop websites for small businesses.

Small business owners and sole proprietors go into business to do what they do best, for themselves, without anyone else getting in the way or telling them what to do, and sometimes they make more money in the process. Gotta love that freedom! But there is a price: Often that freedom and self-reliance means they don’t have the support or infrastructure that a larger organization may have. An electrician going out on his own doesn’t have the IT, web, or back office that they used to have when they worked for the Big Electrical Contractor. They gotta hoof it on their own. But that tedious accounting or HR work is NOT what you signed up for. So, most business owners outsource that work. That’s where zacfoo comes in. Well, at least on the web side of things.

Let zacfoo make you a website!

Here are some reasons why having a website makes “cents”:

1. Online Marketing

Building an effective website and developing an online marketing strategy can be some of the highest return-on-investment initiative a company can take. Another marketing advantage is that there is no other medium that is as versatile and responsive to your business as a website. Data published in December 2011 (www.internetworldstats.com) tells us that there are 275 million Internet users in the United States, and 2.2 Billion worldwide. How many of your target customers and clientele are online?

2. Education

People want to know details about your business. One of the main reasons that consumers use the Internet is to learn about products and services. Background information about your company and your products, testimonials from other customers, information about your staff and management, what charitable work you are doing in your community, and some helpful and pleasing graphical information will all help to promote your business. Online consumers are looking for information on which to base a decision. Your website can help to educate people and help to generate trust.

3. Working for you 24/7.

Your website is working for you, even when you are not. Your customers have the opportunity to go online at any time, day or night. With today’s analytic tools a business has the opportunity to study people’s activity patterns, which can help you learn more about your business and how to best serve those who want your services.

4. Provide Important Information

A website can provide customer´s with information that they just cannot get in any other media. For example, you may want to include a map of your business location, your business hours, contact information, and to give your customers an opportunity to send you a contact message at any time.

5. Customer Communication

Many business owners will tell you that the most important customers are the ones you already have. There is no easier and more convenient method to maintain customer contact than through the online medium. Through your website, you can maintain a contact database of your customers, distribute newsletters, take surveys, and update customers so that they feel you’re taking the effort to keep them informed. This will help the customer create a favorable and lasting impression about your business.

6. Lend Legitimacy to Your Business

A website can help provide a customer with the impression that a business is legitimate. A professional looking and functioning website demonstrates an investment in a business, increases customer confidence, and can increase sales.

7. Research Your Markets

Many small business owners realize the value of understanding their markets. A website is an excellent way to track customer patterns and preferences. You may also want to set up a survey to figure out what are your customer´s impressions and how you can improve your business.

8. Customers Expect It

It is very likely that many of your competitors have websites, and almost certain that your larger competitors will have a significant online presence. A well-designed website is a way to level the playing field, to present a professional online image, and to expose your business to a wide audience in a way that cannot be done with any other marketing methods.