I am a Libertarian… and proud of it

I am a Libertarian… and proud of it

I have decided upon my political ideology. I am a Libertarian.

Before this day I only thought that I liked Libertarianism. Now I know that I am ideologically, philosophically, most certainly a Libertarian. I have always been such. I just did not know it.

All those little things that most young people (I am now 30… still young) go through are Libertarian yearnings. The recoil against heavy-handed authority. The brashness in addressing “the Man”. All yearnings to be free. To make one’s own decisions and not be told what to do. I am open to guidance, upon asking for it. I wish to improve myself and society. I want help. But on my terms.

I cannot stand injustice. That is Libertarianish. One of its most basic tenets. Justice. For those who do wrong to be held accountable for their actions. Ultimately, all will be held to account for their deeds. But upon this earth, to establish Justice in the land is a most worthy goal. And it is this goal to which Libertarians, and, it seems these days, only Libertarians, strive.

America is rife with injustice. Students graduating with $200,000 in debt and no prospects for employment in a horrible job market. Interminable war and rumors of war with people who have, for the most part, done absolutely nothing to us. Families losing their homes due to fraudulent and predatory loans foisted by parasitical mega-banks. Indefinite detention of  US citizens by the US military for only “perceived” threats and unfounded accusations of “terrorism”. An idiotic Congress of pseudo-Representatives :“Hi, I’m John Corzine. I’m a former VP of Goldman Sachs. I just stole $1 billion. I hate puppies and rainbows and everything about America.”

Libertarianism is about the inevitable victory of Justice and Liberty. Nothing can stop it. The Old Order cannot stop it. The American Fascists cannot stop it. Dead conservatism cannot stop it. This is the true Revolution of our era. Optimism that tomorrow will find us freer than today.

I am an optimist now. I wasn’t always one. Its hard to stay optimistic when so much evil is holding so much power in the world. But the yearning to be free that is in every man’s chest bursts forth in time to drive away the rank pessimism. The prospects for Liberty are strong. Libertarianism is the answer.

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