Guest Post: Ron Paul Lies

Guest Post: Ron Paul Lies

by Jordan Gons

Do we really want a repeat of 2008? The “best against Obama” mentality does not work. Especially not if that person is a moderate. You have to contrast Obama. Not be the closet to him, but still a conservative.

Whether you like or dislike Paul, the fact remains that all other candidates are talking about moderate deficit eduction, which will result in over $20 trillion of debt by the end of their first term.

The biggest issue (which CNN didn’t even bring up in their debate), is the nations debt.

In contrast to everyone else’s deficit reduction, Paul offers serious cuts. $1 Trillion in the first year. And his plan will be creating surpluses to shrink the debt from 16 to a more manageable $10 by the time he’s out of office. In doing so, he’ll prove life will go on with surpluses and smaller government.

There is a lot of misinformation circulating about Ron Paul. Most of which is either a fundamental misunderstanding or an intentional skewing of Ron Paul’s words. The comments are often repeated across the internet and hold little to no weight in truth. The heroin, marriage and abortion issues that are recycled frequently are grossly misconstrued. When you listen to him speak on these issues, he is for the federal government to stay out of them. Does that mean he wants people shooting up heroin, while killing babies at a gay wedding? Of course not. He just wants the individual states to have the right to set their own laws. Any one in SC should appreciate a shift away from a bigger Federal Government and back toward more states rights and individual Liberty.

As for bringing the troops home: Yes. Humanity will always have issues. But did God ordain the USA to be the world’s police? No. And frankly we cannot afford to keep this arrogant savior approach any longer. People in the military favor Paul 2:1 and they know better the pains of war. I find it disrespectful (yet borderline humorous) that the other candidates try to act like they know more about the military than Paul. Newt was a dodger. Obama, Mitt & Santorum did not serve their country in uniform. Only Paul did.

As for bringing home the troops weakening our military: poppycock. we can send a jet from US soil anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. If anything his defense stance is stronger. It’s easier to defend than spread yourself thin and attack. We are spread thin all over the world. Bring it home and keep every troop and cut the billions and billions in needless embassy and base buildings around the world. You’d have the ability to add many more domestic bases and still save billions of dollars a year. He’s all for the military. He’s the only vet among them.

On Israel: he doesn’t want to abandon Israel. He wants free trade with all nations. Israel. And everyone else.

Again. Biggest issue.: All others candidates will create more debt. A deficit reduction is still not a surplus creation and keeps our burden growing. Only Paul offers a real solution to the most important issue facing the future of America.

While it is unfortunate how many lies are spread about him because certain people do not want the status quo challenged. Obviously Washington is sick and needs this doctor.

I remind you of Psalm 22:7: “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.” (ESV)

It’s time to once again end slavery in America.

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