Ron Paul and Google Trends–an Observation

Ron Paul and Google Trends–an Observation

Okay, I LOVE Google Trends!!!

A man on a Facebook group I belong to posted this link:

Google Trends: Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich

And commented thus: “This is Google’s tracking device for interest in a name or phrase..and though Fox News and others are desperately telling you that Newt Gingrinch is the leader, it is very CLEAR that Ron Paul is kicking his ass…badly ! Enter the candidate you support on the link.. Paul beats them All !”

I agree with his synopsis wholeheartedly. This is what I draw from it. BTW, I live in South Carolina and am somewhat active with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign in SC.

If you change the timeline from past 30 days to past 12 months you will see an even bigger discrepancy between Newt and Ron. RP=1; NG=0.3


Also, if you change it to just SC for past 12 months (30 days doesn’t have enough search volume) you will see that Myrtle Beach is killing it as to RP supporters/volunteers getting on it. Newt is barely getting a hit in that region. What is Myrtle Beach up to?? I’ll probably repost this in their group to see their ideas and tactics. and again, its only been since late October that Newt has even registered in SC. Once the other flavors of the month have faded, Newt has his chance in the sun for a month or so. Come January, Newt’s campaign or Newt himself will implode and I think many of the Cain supporters will coalesce into Ron Paul support; if not overtly, most likely as silent supporters. I think the GOP meeting here in Greenville County proved that point. People are looking for electability. And when they see a bunch of excited, yet courteous and engaging, people supporting Ron Paul they will jump on the bandwagon.


Next if you add the other meaningful candidates (Cain, Perry, Romney, Newt) you will see another picture.

(I had added Bachmann, but she didn’t even register: a big 0.05 for the past 12 months when compared to Paul. When all others are compared to her you see how much of an impact she’s having (at least as far as Search trends go). MB=1; NG=4; Rick Perry=19; Cain=30; and Paul=21. So, as far as this goes: SC, I wouldn’t worry too much about Bachmann. She’ll probably be the next to drop out. If its not Santorum or Huntsman first.)


Back to the others. Compared to Paul, only Cain has drawn more searches (45% more). Perry is closest to Paul with 0.9. And Newt and Romney make up the bottom of the barrel, at 0.2 and 0.15 respectively. What this tells me is that Cain was the “front-runner” candidate to the people of SC. If not by news volume, definitely by search volume. People were interested in Cain’s message and they wanted to get more info about it. That, or they were interested in his sexual scandals and were looking for celebrity gossip. Cain has since dropped out of the race. In either way, this presents a perfect opportunity to capture former Cain supporters to the Ron Paul camp.


Perry has already imploded with his famous “Oops” moment. So he’s a non-contender. Wish he’d just save face and drop out. But he’s got a lot of money and he’ll stay in there no matter how far his poll numbers drop.


Romney is greatly disliked in SC. Period. ‘Nuff said.

So, Paul has a very real shot in SC. Keep it up folks! Ron Paul 2012!

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